Elevate Systems Technology Solutions

Elevate Systems has extraordinary technical staff members that have experience in a multitude of settings and scales. Our technical staff members are often regarded as thought leaders in their areas of expertise by many of their peers and have even contributed to the community by giving talks to industry colleagues, contributing code to products that they work with, implementing proof of concept code for draft RFCs and other bleeding edge technologies, and even working with network hardware vendors to provide critical insight and suggestions on their product lines.

Our team has worked with both small and large companies, and at small and extremely large scale. The key personnel for this effort have extensive experience on a large scale constructing extremely high bandwidth backbones using cutting edge service provider technologies during their time working in the network operations center of a cloud company that serves over half of all Fortune 100 companies. On a smaller scale, they also have experience with implementing high bandwidth backbones for datacenter providers in Michigan that want to offer cost effective multi site, and disaster recovery capabilities between their multiple locations.

The Elevate Systems team has also worked with growing technology startups to provide rock solid network infrastructure with the ability to expand in a cost effective manner. We have helped one of our clients grow from 10 concurrent users to 1000 over concurrent users over multiple sites across the nation all while retaining and even repurposing 100% of their original hardware, physical connections, and optics in order to meet the budgetary constraints of a fast growing technology startup.

In general our team possesses many unique traits summarized below:
● Technically talented
● Active and influential contributors in their field
● Young & Energetic
● Highly experienced with provider technologies at an extremely large scale
● Well connected in the technology industry
● Highly adaptable due to experience working with a multitude of clients over a variety of diverse industries

Technology Consulting Services

Our Technology department offers Ground-Up Infrastructure Services including:

- Managed Services
- Mobile Solutions
- Virtualized Cloud Service
- Enterprise Infrastructure/Network Solutions
- Enterprise Data Center Solutions
- Enterprise Application Solutions
- Enterprise IT Support Services
- Digital Strategy & Advertising – Search Engine Optimization/Social Media Marketing/Search Engine Marketing
- Enterprise Web App Design and Management
- Business Continuity Services & Solutions
- Blockchain Technology Services
- Token Economics
- Cryptographic Research and Development

Network Infrastructure

Includes procurement of hardware or management of existing hardware

Software Consulting

Procurement, setup & installation, management of existing software packages & setup of any hardware or software dependencies

Security Application

Acquisition (firewalls, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Protection System (IPS), ETC), Virus Scans, monitoring traffic & security baselines, hardware & other security systems as needed per client request.