Commercial Engineering Services

Elevate Systems provides engineering design services for commercial clients and individuals seeking to complete a design from their minds, sketches or even client provided initial concept prototypes. We create 2D and 3D Drawings and utilize 3D printing to create prototypes. This process includes concept validation, the creation of 3D models and the use of 3D printing for prototypes. Many times, entreprueners have great ideas but do not know how to formalize their thought or design. We specialize in this - the art of taking the thought or concept and turning that into prototypes that are used to fine tune the concept or product which leads to the creation of intellectual property (IP). We help our clients create the IP, protect the IP and then through the process of getting the concept or product into preliminary manufacturing leading to production for the market.

Commercial Engineering Design Services

Elevate Systems specializes in taking concepts, sketches and drawings and turning them into formal 2D and 3D models and developing prototypes using 3D printing and traditional manufacturing services. This leads to working prototypes and drawings.

Commercial Projects

Here are some of the commercial clients that we are currently supporting...