This effort is to take provided 2D drawings and convert them to 3D models and then perform Finite Element Analysis on the parts to validate and substantiate cold spray repair. Parts provided for this effort include the UH-60 Sump Housing and the UH-60 Vanaxial Fan Shaft.

For each of the parts identified and provided Elevate Systems completed: Create 3D software model

  • Creation of 3D Software Models
  • Identified Cold Spray Repair Areas on each model
  • Modify 3D software models for cold spray repair
  • Identify finite element analysis (FEA) requirements part stresses and force loading
  • Analyze parts using FEA
  • Create technical data package inclusive of FEA report for each part
  • Provide each part 3D software model, cold spray repair area 3D software model, FEA analysis, and technical data package (inclusive of FEA report) as deliverable
  • Provide initial training on use of 3D software model and FEA software model