Under contract to the Commodities Directorate at Tinker Air Force Base, Elevate Systems reverse engineered the components and parts and created a new non-proprietary technical data package including all source data, all native CAD Files, all 3D models and all technical documentation and testing data derived as a result of the effort. Elevate Systems delivered five Zero Time Assemblies to the Air Force three months ahead of schedule.

Elevate Systems performed the following tasks for this effort:

  • Provided redesign services for the B-52 Blower Assembly, Part Number MSA10767.
  • Ensured the redesigned blower assembly would perform within the original design specifications and is maintainable in the out years.
  • Delivered five working prototypes and provided all of the technical data for this project which included all drawings (2D images in DXF or PDF formats),3D CAD models (in native Solidworks Format) and TO changes via Difference Data Sheets.
  • Provided 100% of the data for the Electric Motors including rewind data for future organic sustainment by the Air Force if required. Elevate Systems has delivered 100% of the data to the Air Force without any restrictions.
  • Incorporated additive manufacturing (AM) technology for the fabrication process of the impeller to substitute sheet metal forming.
  • Use of the material Ultem 9085 as a suitable replacement material for the aluminum sheet metal impeller. AM with Ultem 9085 is readily available at a fraction of the cost of sheet metal tooling and forming.
  • Used the 30-vane impeller configuration in place of the 45-vane impeller. This decreases the current load on the motor. The 30-vane impeller will still output a significantly higher CFM than the current requirement.