3D Design, Prototyping & Production

Elevate Systems reverse engineers and designs replacement parts when no drawings are available or they cannot be purchased.  We do this by designing or reverse engineering the required parts using our tools such as the FARO Coordinate Measuring Machine which provides us the ability to recreate a part to 1/1000th of an inch accuracy in 3D.


 Our Products and Services:

  • — > Engineering Design

  • — > Prototyping

  • — > Fit Checks

  • — > Obsolescence Solutions

  • — > Reverse Engineering

  • — > 3D Modeling and Printing


  • — > Stereolithography

  • — > Selective Laser Sintering

  • — > Direct Metal Laser Sintering

  • — >Fused Deposition Modeling


Materials we can print in:

  • — > ABS and PLA Plastics

  • — > Nylon

  • — > Ultem

  • — > Aluminum

  • — > Stainless Steel

  • — > Titanium

  • — > Inconel

 B52 Blower Redesign Effort

Elevate Systems performed the following tasks for this effort:

– Provided redesign services for the B-52 Blower Assembly, Part Number MSA10767.
– Ensured the redesigned blower assembly would perform within the original design specifications and is maintainable in the out years.
– Delivered five working prototypes and provided all of the technical data for this project which included all drawings (2D images in DXF or PDF formats),3D CAD models (in native Solidworks Format) and TO changes via Difference Data Sheets.
– Provided 100% of the data for the Electric Motors including rewind data for future organic sustainment by the Air Force if required. Elevate Systems has delivered 100% of the data to the Air Force without any restrictions.
– Incorporated additive manufacturing (AM) technology for the fabrication process of the impeller to substitute sheet metal forming.
– Use of the material Ultem 9085 as a suitable replacement material for the aluminum sheet metal impeller. AM with Ultem 9085 is readily available at a fraction of the cost ofsheet metal tooling and forming.
– Used the 30-vane impeller configuration in place of the 45-vane impeller.
– This decreases the current load on the motor. The 30-vane impeller will still output a significantly higher CFM than the current requirement.

Original-part3D-Rendering3D Model

Above left is an original impeller used on a B-52 Bomber Airplane that Elevate Systems reverse engineered.  The middle picture is the drawing and the picture on the right is the 3D Model of the impeller.


Below shows the impeller printed in Stainless Steel, Aluminum and a Thermoplastic called Ultem.


Finished Product:

Finished Product - partsFinished Product


 Automotive Reverse Engineering Effort

old-part               new-part







Elevate Systems performed the following tasks for this effort:

– Elevate Systems recently reverse engineered a Recirculation Linkage Bell Crank on a 2004 Dodge Sprinter.

– Elevate Systems was provided the old, broken part that could not be purchased.

– Elevate Systems then created a 3D Model of the part.

– The next step was to print the part in 3D to validate the model.

– Once this was done we then had the part printed in Alumide (Metallic Plastic) for the final part delivered to the client.


Finished Product:

Production Part Installed-1Production Part - 2